About Our Team
A Group Effort
Quality Candidates

  • Application Design & Development
  • Database development & Administration
  • Infrastructure
  • Business Intelligence/Data Warehousing
  • Business Analysis/Project Mgmt

Panther IT is a group of techie genius types that happen to love helping companies succeed with successful projects. Some people call what we do headhunting, others call it staff augmentation or recruiting; we call it creative relationship building. Whatever you call it, it works and we've got the satisfied clients from over 15 years to prove it.

At our core, we are technology strategists and problem solvers. However, we know that an answer for one company is not the same for another. That is what makes us take a broad view and mix up ideas, as that is what creates tailored and targeted solutions.

Prospective candidates for contract assignments undergo technical testing and evaluation before being sent to your managers for review. We work with people that not only look good on paper but have the industry experience to match.